Based on natural ingredients

Gluten free, lactose free, no sugar and no GMO ingredients

Tested in an independent laboratory

Made in the EU

Collagen Boost 500 ml

  • Reduce fine lines and wrinkles
  • Healthy skin, shiny hair and firm nails
  • Reduce inflammation and joint stiffness
  • 84% of our customers see results after 20 days of using the full 50ml dose
  • 10,000mg of hydrolyzed fish collagen
  • MSM + vitamin C + hyaluronic aid + zinc

Innovative, highly effective, ant-aging liquid dietary supplement that ensures health and beauty from the inside out. Each daily dose also contains B vitamins, folic acid, biotin and niacin.

Sourced sustainably and hydrolyzed for optimal and maximum absorption, our collagen replenishes vital amino acids for skin rejuvenation.


Experts confirm the highest effectiveness

Our exquisite range of products is meticulously developed and crafted exclusively within the European Union

Introducing Collagen Boost, the flagship product in Forever Young's series of premium dietary supplements. Crafted exclusively in Europe, our brand collaborates with renowned experts in nutrition, food industry, and pharmacology to deliver unrivalled quality. Our dedicated scientific team operates in cutting-edge facilities, meticulously formulating and manufacturing every product in our range. With a focus on safety and excellence, our modern laboratories and skilled professionals ensure top-notch quality. Each ingredient undergoes rigorous lab testing before production, guaranteeing consistency and superior standards in every batch. Continually exploring new ingredients and staying informed on independent research, our scientists strive to create maximally effective products sourced from the finest ingredients.


I've been using this collagen for over a month and a half and I can express my honest opinion and impressions. I can already tell you that I will be using this product continuously and every day, because the progress I noticed in my skin hydration and feeling moisturized is huge. Coming back for sure, and thanks for such a great product!

Caoimhe M.

I have been taking 30 mils of the Collagen Boost daily for the last few months and I’ve already noticed a difference. The condition of my hair and nails has improved hugely but my skin has seen the biggest improvement. I used to suffer from the odd breakout and dull skin but
that’s completely changed. I’m make up free so far this summer as my skin is clear and bright. I'm very happy with the results already so will be continuing
as the long term results must be incredible.

Liz H.

Two months after I had Covid-19, my hair started falling out a lot. It was really scary and I panicked, and after research I discovered that biotin promotes hair growth. I chose this product in a liquid form because it has better absorption and I don't regret it, 2 months of use and my hair is thicker and stronger, it doesn't fall out anymore. I don't know if everyone will succeed, we are all different. But if you are in a similar situation as me, the first thing is not to panic and try this product.

Jenny Hughes